Heat Warning

Denton ISD Athletics: Safety First

Dear Parents,

Fall sports are here and so are the concerns of the respective coaching staffs and athletic trainers.  These extreme temperatures and air quality are cause for concern for anyone participating in outdoor activities.   If your athlete has been outside during the heat of the day, he/she will be better acclimatized to these conditions, which will be safer for them when they start game play.
The coaches and athletic trainers will be monitoring athletes for any heat or respiratory problems.  It is normal for an athlete to be short of breath after a hard workout, but he/she will recover within a brief period of time.  Any athlete who has asthma or other respiratory conditions will need to take the necessary precautions, prior to their participation in practice and/or games.  Please make sure the coach and athletic trainer are aware of any respiratory conditions.
Every coach and athletic trainer will be watching athletes for signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion.   If symptoms are noticed, the athlete will be removed from practice immediately, cooled and rehydrated.  Please contact your coach or athletic trainer if you have any concerns about your child’s health.
Athletes will need to weigh themselves, at home, prior to each practice in the month of August.  He/she will then need to weigh again when they get home from each practice.  Chart their weight loss and recovery of the weight.  If the athlete does not regain the majority (within 3-5 pounds) of their weight loss, inform the coach AND athletic trainer, prior to workout that day.
Every athlete needs to be drinking eight 8 oz. glasses of WATER or electrolyte drink every day.  It is very important to remain hydrated during strenuous activity.  Water will be available on a “free/open access” basis at every practice and game. Your athlete needs to be sure and consume water during their practice.   Supplements such as creatine and salt tablets are not allowed at school during school activities and discouraged for home use.  Creatine may cause the athlete to dehydrate quicker and salt tablets cause cell dehydration.  Caffeine and carbonated beverages are diuretics and are also discouraged.  Fresh fruit, especially bananas, and yogurt will help replace potassium your athlete lost through sweating.
During the season, as temperatures cool, it remains imperative that your athletes continue to hydrate themselves appropriately.  Dehydration may occur in cooler conditions, especially after an illness.
Additionally, we are concerned about “Ozone Alert Days”.  During those days, all of our outdoor workouts will be “modified.” Some or all of the following modifications will be used during a “modified workout.”*
1. No physical conditioning.  (sprints, ect.)
2. Shorts and shoulder pads or shorts and t-shirts.
3. Walk-thru all drills.
4. Walk-thru plays and defensive alignments.
The health of your student-athlete is of primary importance to the Denton ISD coaches and staff.  Thank you for your support of our athletic programs.
*The daily “modified workout” format will be established through a collaborative effort by the three high school licensed athletic trainers and the head sport coach for both middle school and high school.